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ariyama_love's Journal

Spread the ARIYAMA love~ ♥
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Daiki Arioka, the "Ari" of Ariyama. ♥
Born on April 15th, 1991, Daiki Arioka is the 2nd child of the Arioka family.
He has one older brother, and in fact, it was this older brother that named him "Daiki" after a superhero he liked.
Daiki Arioka is known for his heart-warming smile, he's a cutie. :)
Snagging his first acting role back in 2001, he has melted many hearts of fangirls. ♥
I know mine was melted ;3
Before joining Johnny's Entertainment, he was part of an agency called "JUNES Entertainment" (source: dramawiki)
He was a part of J.J. Express when he was a junior, along with current HSJ members, Inoo Kei, Takaki Yuya, Nakajima Yuto, Morimoto Shintaro, and of course, Yamada Ryosuke
In 2007, JJE was split, and Daiki joined "Hey!Say!7".
September of that same year, he became a part of "Hey!Say!JUMP" in the subgroup, "Hey!Say!BEST".
And of course, through all those years, he was with who?

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Ryosuke Yamada, the "Yama" of Ariyama. ♥
He was born on May 9th, 1993, and is also the 2nd child of the family. He has one younger and one older sister. Random-but-Interesting Fact: On one ep of the radio show "HS7 Ultra Power", he mentioned that he was originally supposed to be named "Shintaro" ♥
Ryosuke is a lady-killer.
There's no other way to describe him. Okay, we admit, there are many more. :D
But he has captured the hearts of many, MANY fangirls. Too many to count.
He's known to have a cool side to him, because of the impression Tantei Gakuen Q gives everybody.
However, he's has a cute side, a hott side, a sexy side, a funny side, a dorky side--
he's just what you call...a well-rounded guy. A million in one, a bundle :D
He loves animals; his house is like a ZOO.
He has two dogs, Kyuu and Cookie. He owns animals like turtles, flying squirrels, turtles, etc.
He's been in quite a few dramas as well, landing his first role in 2006.